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Put An End To Wasted Marketing Spend.

Making every word and media moment count, wherever your brand name is sighted.

If you’re the one who influences or makes the decision to partner with a full-service agency, the choice you make will have long-lasting personal and professional consequences. Your entire enterprise is counting on you to get it right. And for the reasons you’ll discover after reading our story, you can count on BrandSites Marketing to help both you and your company succeed.


Since way back when, business owners and corporate executives have bitched up a storm because they never knew for sure what they were getting for their marketing communication dollars. Still don’t.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”
~John Wanamaker
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Worse yet, well into the age of e-commerce and social media, there are more good ways than ever to make poor message content and placement decisions. And that’s where BrandSites Marketing comes in.

Experience counts.

Our team of veteran marketing and communication professionals can help your company avoid the costly mistakes that often get baked into media and messaging strategies.

Right now, it’s not just your website or social media sites that require your attention. So do all of your other brand sites. And chances are, you have plenty of them. Or should.

Where are your brand sites located?

It’s quite simple. A brand site exists wherever your company or anyone else writes or talks about your products and services.

It could be in a Facebook or Instagram post, direct mail postcard, YouTube video, traditional print ad, TV commercial, e-mail blast, Taboola feed or on your website.

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But keep in mind, a brand site can also be located in the corner booth of a neighborhood restaurant, at a family reunion, near a campfire, on the factory floor – anywhere on planet Earth where there’s even the slightest reference to your brand.

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Of course, the most important brand site of all exists between your prospect’s or customer’s ears. How your brand is perceived (if it’s perceived at all) has a lot to do with the way in which you write about yourself and your customers. Not to mention how you respond to what others are saying about you across all of your other brand sites.

Un-boggle your mind.

Perhaps you are currently trying to sort this all out using internal staff. Maybe you’ve looked outside for assistance but have been underwhelmed by the results.

Either way, BrandSites Marketing can provide the objective expert counsel and strategic support services you need to help improve the business-building potential of your digital/traditional marketing spend.

unboggle your mind
What’s more, BrandSites Marketing has the depth and bandwidth to rejuvenate your brand identity, while creating compelling content across all media and promotional vehicles. 

Speed dating, only faster.

You probably know from personal experience that what’s now is followed by what’s next at the speed of light no matter what the medium or brand site. In our distracted world, most people seem to have the attention span of a firecracker.

The pressure is really on to have your message instantly resonate with members of your target audience. Or you risk losing their attention in a heartbeat. Words matter. And the ones we carefully choose are designed to help you make the most out of every media moment. (Which is even shorter than a New York Minute.)

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What’s more, BrandSites Marketing has the depth and bandwidth to rejuvenate your brand identity, while creating compelling content across all media and promotional vehicles. 

What really makes us different.

The fact is, the quality of our counsel is directly related to the quality of the questions we ask that helps us get to the heart of your marketing challenge with speed and precision.

Because there is simply no good substitute for our collective insights and experience that guide our strategic thinking, help us improve your brand sites, and ultimately boost your company’s sales.

what makes us different

What really makes us different.

Part Deux.

Our philosophy builds upon a very simple principle that many others choose to ignore. Your company’s story is always more about them than it is about you, no matter what you have to sell.

People’s emotional and psychological needs are well documented and never change. What your product does and how it is used is only important to the degree it can scratch a pre-existing itch. (Please read our blog for the complete story.)

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Buy us by the ounce or pound.

If you require a complete marketing communications makeover, we can do that. Looking to implement a coherent social media strategy? We do that, too. Poor search engine results? We know how to fix that. Muddled messaging? We’ll help your brand find its clear and powerful voice.

Traditional media. New media. Websites. Sales promotion. Direct mail. PR. 

Been there, done that. No matter where there was, or what needed to be done.


  • Brand Identity & Personality Development

  • Content Development (Blogs, Vlogs)

  • Creative Concepting & Writing Services

  • Google Ads

  • Graphic Design for Print & Digital Media

  • Print Advertising & Collateral

  • Marketing Staff Training

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Trade Show/Event Marketing

  • Video Production Services

  • Website Development & Maintenance

We invite you to inquire about BrandSites Marketing’s on-site and off-site seminar series designed to improve the effectiveness of your staff’s internal marketing efforts.

Meet our leadership team.

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Rhonda Serkes


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Tim McGraw


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Preston Kincaid

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