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Preston Kincaid

Art Director

Born and raised in California, Preston now lives on his 60-acre farm in the Southern Tier of New York State. Before relocating to the East Coast Preston owned a successful marketing and advertising agency in Monterey, California, as well as a technology company in the Silicon Valley.

As a serial entrepreneur, Preston started his first business in high school at the age of seventeen. He also has extensive experience in marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design and web development. Preston has also served within a number of small, medium and large organizations as a technology leader providing strategic direction for software application concepts and development.

As a leisure-time pursuit, Preston started racing motorcycles at the age of 12, turning pro at the age of 16. He later abandoned the sport, deciding that “living to tell the story was the better alternative.”

Words to live by:

“Winners are just losers who had the courage to try one more time.” ~Anonymous